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Catherine Hebert


Catherine Hebert is a talented and ambitious sophomore student at Emerson College who is pursuing a degree in musical theatre, alongside a minor in esports communications. Her unique blend of interests reflects a deep passion for both the performing arts and the world of gaming, showcasing her versatility and dedication as a student.

Catherine's involvement in the world of esports has been extensive and multifaceted, particularly through her work with Emerson Esports. She has served in various leadership roles within the organization, including as the Co-Head of Events and Vice President. Her current position as Co-President of the group further demonstrates her leadership skills and commitment to promoting esports within the Emerson community.

As Co-President, Catherine plays a crucial role in organizing and overseeing events and competitions for the organization, as well as managing its day-to-day operations. Her ability to communicate effectively with both her peers and external stakeholders has been instrumental in building partnerships with other esports organizations, as well as securing sponsorships and funding for the group.

Outside of her esports involvement, Catherine is also deeply passionate about musical theatre. She has been involved in several productions at Emerson College and has demonstrated a strong dedication to her craft. Her ability to balance her theatrical pursuits with her esports involvement showcases her impressive time-management skills and commitment to pursuing her passions.

Catherine Hebert
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