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The College Esports Expo (CEX) is the premier competitive gaming event company for the international college esports market. Our events intersect all stakeholders in the collegiate esports ecosystem simultaneously in one global platform for thought leadership, insight, and panel discussions on critical topics such as developing esports curriculum and competitive programs, esports industry trends, research, career opportunities, and exploring corporate synergies.

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Our Story

The College Esports Expo (CEX) is a distinguished international event organization dedicated to showcasing the exceptional talents and abilities of college students in competitive gaming. Established in 2017 by Kevin Mitchell and his Emerson College students in Boston, CEX has been curating live events, uniting industry leaders, students, and esports aficionados.

Our mission is to grow the esports infrastructure, advocate for STEM education, and foster connections among stakeholders, students, and brands through thought leadership and networking opportunities. In March 2018, our inaugural conference captivated attendees from around the globe, featuring representatives from Twitch, Microsoft, the NCAA, MIT, and more. This event underscored the necessity for continued growth in the college esports landscape—a challenge CEX eagerly accepted.


Following a feature in AirTable's blog in 2018, our founder, Mitchell, leveraged his connections and LinkedIn presence to attract increased involvement from esports experts and enthusiasts by April 2019. Undeterred by the global pandemic, CEX held its largest event yet in February 2020, boasting seven rooms, 54 speakers, and 38 gaming sessions, including a Fortnite and Super Smash tournament sponsored by the US Army.

In October 2020, CEX expanded its reach with its first virtual and international event in Brazil, drawing over a thousand viewers and bolstering global recognition for esports gaming. May 2021 saw CEX co-host a virtual event alongside the College Esports National Championship (CENC) and the College Sports Management Group (CSMG), further cementing its status as a leading force within the industry.

As we look to the future, CEX is excited to extend our reach to countries such as Brazil, South Africa, India, and Dubai. We are committed to cultivating crucial partnerships and programs in 2023 and beyond, starting with our upcoming event in Boston this March.


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