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Brittney S. Seals

Chief Operations Officer

Brittney Seals is the Chief Operations Officer at Esposure, Inc., a Dallas-based EdTech company focused on helping students find their passion and develop transferable skills via esports. She brings great dedication and determination to providing opportunities for youth to have additional exposure outside their typical reach. In the Esports Industry since 2015, Brittney has gained experience in a variety of roles, which helps her guide students through their journey of identifying their passion.

Brittney brings an analytical approach to her businesses, especially from a project management perspective. She diligently executes her mandate of overseeing the finance, strategy, and daily operations of Esposure as they impact the community. With a knack for results and pursuit of excellence, Brittney has constructed three Esports arenas. Through her nonprofit, Esposure4All, she is developing a training program that enables school-aged pupils to manage events independently.

While her passion for esports fills most of her time, Brittney is a proud Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor and is enthusiastic about Sci-Fi, health and fitness, travel, and reading. She is an amazingly creative individual with a deep passion for everything she touches, with industry insight and original approaches to solving problems.

Brittney S. Seals
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