Previous Speakers

ESPN Associate Esports Editor

Sean Morrison

Esports Collegiate Program Specialist, Corsair

Yugina Yun

Esports and Computer Systems Professor, Durham College

Michael Cameron

CEO, CSL & World Gaming

Wim Stocks

Author & Director of Research

at AnyKey

T.L. Taylor

Lecturer, Emerson College

Stephanie Orme


Chris Allison

Hearthstone Pro Player

William Barton

Manager, Brand Partnerships and Esports at CSMG

Thomas O'Keefe

Co-Founder, Balance Patch

Bryan Rasbury

CEO, Super Nova Inc

Tyler Combs

Director of Mental Performance, RPM

Landon DuMar

Co-Founder, Evergreen Esports

Willy Lee

Director of Sales Operations, Kraft Sports + Entertainment

Joe Dorant

CEO & Founder, Splyce

Marty Strenczewilk

Account Manager for Twitch Student

Kevin Hoang

Commander, US Army Recruiting Command

MG Frank Muth

CCO, Collegiate StarLeague

& World Gaming

Neil Duffy

Pro FIFA Esports Player, NY Redbulls

Michael LaBelle

NBA2K Pro Player, CLTX Gaming

Ahmed Kasana

Dean of the School of Design and Technology, Becker College

Alan Ritacco

Microsoft Gaming Expert

Lee Muracione

President, Dramatik Gaming

Andrew Fiori

Executive Esports Director, Intersport

Kurt Melcher

Founding Member, Omnia Media

Austin Long

Co-Founder, Helix Esports

Jack Vandervelde

Events Specialist, NYXL

Dan Lee

Boston Park Plaza Hotel

50 Park Plaza

Boston, MA 02116

About CEX

What started as a student organization and think tank has evolved into a multifaced conference, focused on educating others on how to traverse

the ever expanding esports ecosystem.

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