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5 Ways to Unlock The Collegiate Meta

Collegiate esports is a rapidly evolving field where staying ahead of the curve is crucial to success. Navigating the terrain can be tricky unless you have a game plan. The term meta is used in gaming to refer to the strategy used by a player to defeat an opponent. In 2023, campuses must unlock their collegiate meta and develop a strategy for collegiate esports success.

This meta can provide institutions with a roadmap to navigate the challenges of the marketplace and create programs that support growth and success for their students. Here are five areas for colleges to consider when making their game plan.

  1. Curriculum Development: A well-designed esports curriculum is critical. Colleges should build their curriculum around the school's core academic strengths and identify faculty members who can adapt their existing courses to esports versions.

  2. Experiential Learning: Incorporating experiential learning into course planning gives students valuable experiences that will enhance their skills and prepare them for the job market. Competitive esports experience also helps students develop skills applicable outside the industry.

  3. Collaborative Learning Approach: By taking a collaborative approach to learning, departments can help students form individualized lesson plans and provide opportunities to explore academic interests outside of their majors without taking additional credit hours, leading to a better educational experience for all.

  4. Innovation: Teaching design thinking and lean start-up methodologies can help students develop innovative growth strategies to help the industry find a pathway to monetization

  5. Social Intelligence: Understanding global nuances is essential for developing effective engagement strategies in a global market. Promoting social sciences and cultural intelligence prepares students for success in a diverse world.

Institutions can open new student opportunities through innovation, experiential learning, collaborative learning, and social intelligence. To succeed in esports, colleges and universities must Unlock Their Collegiate Meta. #esports #education #collegeesports


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