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Academic & Program Track

Innovative Esports Curriculum 

Three leading esports professors discuss groundbreaking new esports curriculum that is shifting new paradigms.

Making of a Division I Esports Program 

Northeastern University Athletics and esports departments discuss the pathway and process of creating a Division I Esports Program.

Collegiate Sports Marketing Group

Building the 70 member ECAC Esports Conference and the NJCAA

Esports (National Junior College Esports Conference) from the ground up

Competitive Esports Programs

Executives review the present state of competitive programs and their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of operating in 2020.

Understanding High School Esports Programs

State of the Union | America's most explosive area of growth in esports is in the high school market. Experts discuss the Who, what, where, and how of HS Esports

Scholastic Esports Curriculum for High Schools

High school educators share insight on their creation of esports focused curriculum, learning objectives, and best practices.

Introduction to College Esports Curriculum

This panel highlights the foundations of esports education and curriculum development from leading esports education professors.

​Industry-leading esports academics and administrators convene to discuss pedagogy, curriculum, program development, school relations, and best practices.

CSL: The Next Decade – Elevating Collegiate Esports: Building Careers in Esports

CEO Wim Stocks shares updates and developments for America's oldest collegiate organization: Collegiate StarLeague 

Fostering Inclusion in Scholastic Esports Clubs

As formal esports programs emerge on campuses it is essential that educators are prepared to maintain the academic integrity of the teams they advise. AnyKey will offer two tailored sessions with a training workshop to equip attendees for this challenge.



Career Insights with eFuse

Executives preview their social platform efuse and demonstrate how individuals can establish their gaming identity and participate in the industry at all levels 

Building Community Through Intramural Play - Full Sail Armada

Esports administration professionals walk attendees through the building of Full Sail university's internal esports intramural system, which allows everyone from Faculty/Staff and Students (Online and Campus) to compete in leagues.

College Esports Media

Inside America's number one collegiate esports podcast as Joe Belousek deep dives into his #1 Collegiate esports podcast

TESPA Alumni All-Stars

Executives discuss their transition from being undergraduate students in Blizzard Games' college program TESPA to their current positions in the esports industry.

Esports Communities

How to build and sustain a foundation in esports organizations with help from iBUYPOWER

Inside FaZe Clan - Esports Lifestyle Branding

FaZe Clan's VP of Business Development Clinton Sparks discusses the path to greatness and what lifestyle means for the future of esports

Panels hosted by esports industry insiders on topics ranging from career development, esports apparel, media, investment, events, content, etc.



Gaming Networks and Infrastructure

Powering and managing esports LAN and Gaming networks

Gaming and LAN Center Operations

Experts share their experience on gaming operations, IT administration and local event management

Esports Tournament and Competitive Technology

Competitive event management and team organization platform that that is powering esports programs across the US - Mainline.GG 

Advanced Technology Showcase

Multiple technology companies reveal the latest products and services and convey what beholds the future of esports

Teaching Twitch: Livestreaming in the Classroom

Stephanie Orme shares her experiences with developing and teaching an innovative esports live-streaming undergraduate course, and Kevin Hoang from Twitch Student discusses how Twitch can transform classroom learning.

Innovative Esports Technology

Esports educator and executive debuts a matchmaking app for students to find LAn center events and esports scholarships.

Leading technology companies will showcase, reveal, and demonstrate innovative products and services for the esports industries.

Vendors Lounge

Player Performance


Esports Wellness: Mental Performance & Conditioning

Experts discuss the importance and best practices of mental performance and conditioning for esports.

Esports Coaching Panel - Strategies and Techniques of Building Esports Teams

Coaches will provide training and conditioning tips to help optimize player performances. Hear strategies and techniques from the leading amateur, college and professional coaches.

Coaching Meet-Up

Coaches and program managers convene for Q&A and networking with schools and teams.

Players, coaching, and Governance are the focus. Topics range from mental and physical conditioning, scouting, training regimens, player advocacy and governance.

Life of a Big 10 Esports Program Director

Accomplished esports coach, program manager, event operator, academic, and researcher chronicles his experience coaching, educating, program building, and operating tournaments from the University of Akron to Rutgers 

Collegiate Esports Governance

Governance is front and center as new colleges enter the arena, Power 5 institutions begin to launch programs and new regulatory challenges emerge related to athletes and compensation. 


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