College Esports Expo 2019 Opening Remarks
Kick off the second annual College Esports Expo!
Olin Hayes Emerson Esports
Dr. Gregory Payne Emerson College
Esports in Academia: Creating Curriculum and Programs
Is it the right time for your school to get into esports? Hear from those on the frontlines of developing esports programs in academic settings. Featuring discussion from school administrators, industry professionals, and student leaders organizing on a grassroots level - learn strategic approaches to fostering esports programs from their successes and struggles.
Moderator: Mark Brodie, Emerson College
Mike Cameron, Durham College Canada
Alan Ritacco, Becker College
Stephanie Orme, Emerson College 
Lunch Break
Women in College Esports: Building and Sustaining a Supportive Culture
Thousands of esports player are eligible for high-level competition in the US. Despite esports infrastructure investment approaching the billions and moving at a breakneck pace, player rights have largely been ignored. How will they protect themselves as colleges begin to formalize their programs and pro teams leverage their assets to disadvantage players?  The discussion starts here.
Stephanie Orme, Emerson College
Yugina Yun, CORSAIR Esports Collegiate Programs
TL Taylor Ph.D., MIT & Author
Paige Ervin, Emerson Overwatch Player
Networking Break
Building Future College Esports Facilities and Technology
A growing number of colleges like Emerson are diving into esports. Some schools are even starting programs and building million-dollar facilities where gamers take on their counterparts on other campuses. This panel highlights what’s happening with the explosive growth of LAN and gaming centers across America. What is the most effective way for colleges to invest in and deploy these facilities and their technology? Our panel takes a deep dive on the inner workings of the process.
Michael Cameron, Durham College
Brian Rasbury, Balance Patch
Jack Vandervalde, Helix Esports
Lee Mucciarone, Microsoft
Esports Management: Challenges in Managing Esports Teams and Organizations
Industry insiders from a variety of esports organizations discuss the complexities and challenges of managing their operations, staffs, talent and navigating the esports landscape. Understand what it takes to be successful, how to manage relationships, and how strategic planning helped these companies thrive.
Andrew Geiger, Emerson College
Marty Strenczewilk, Splyce Gaming
Andrew Fiori Boston Uprising Academy
Tyler Combs, SuperNova Gaming
College Esports Leagues: A Deep Dive
College esports leagues are thriving on college campuses and helping to fill the void in organized competition. As students begin to explore which games to play and what leagues to join several questions, remain: What leagues offer what games for college students and amateur players? What path can students and administration take to join these leagues and participate in national league competitions? How to prepare local players, gaming clubs and administrations to operate and administrate their teams and comply with the league and school regulations? Panelists will discuss all the vital programs, rules, challenges and explore what the future beholds for organized leagues for college students.
Kevin Mitchell, Emerson College
Wim Stocks, Collegiate Starleague
Sean Morrison, ESPN
Jonathan Schrader, Director of Esports at Learfield/IMG
Gaming Showcase Begins at the Bordy Theater 
Come join the Emerson Esports team and the gaming community at the Bordy Theater to experience the best in collegiate esports all powered by Microsoft. 
2:25 PM
Keynote Presentation:
Major General Frank M. Muth,
Commander of United States Army Recruiting Command
US Army Esports Team 
The Player Pipeline: From Amateur to Pro
Thousands of esports player are eligible for high-level competition in the US. Despite esports infrastructure investment approaching the billions and moving at a breakneck pace, the well-being and rights of the players are seldom discussed. Colleges will begin to formalize their programs and pro teams will continue to leverage their assets. What will become of the players and how will they prepare to navigate the uncharted waters of esport's deep blue ocean. The discussion starts here.
Ross Magnant, Asylum Gaming Esports
Landon DuMar, Esports Psychology Specialist RPM Athlete
William "Amnesiac" Barton, Hearthstone Pro
Mike Labelle, Pro eMLS FIFA Player
Ahmed "Mel East" Kasana, CLTX Gaming (NBA 2k Pro)
Collegiate Esports Coaching and Shoutcasting
​Coaching and shoutcasting in collegiate esports. How can clubs benefit from tapping into championship coaching expertise? Best practices for cultivating the next best shoutcasters. 
Smash Super Coach Pierce - Coach of the Legendary Smash Champion Zero - Live at the Bordy Theater 
Esports Broadcasting: The Future of Collegiate Esports Media and Broadcasting
Video game publishers, esports leagues, venues, and live-streaming services are creating an entirely new paradigm for live esports production and storytelling. What does the future hold for content creation, production and distribution for the collegiate esports space?
Olin Hayes, Emerson College
Nelson Rodriguez, Global Director of Media Industry Strategy at Akamai Technologies
Kevin Hoang, Director, Twitch Student Strategic Partnerships
Garvey Candella, Twitch Student
Networking Break
College Esports Event Sponsorships: Creating a Win-Win for Both Sides
Every esports event or organization is searching for the almighty sponsorship dollar to support all their endeavors. How can a mutually advantageous relationship develop between brands/agencies looking to drive more return on investment for their product or brands and entities looking for sponsorship dollars? Come hear from the experts.
Andrew Cassidy, Emerson College
Austin Long, VP Gaming Partnerships & Strategy at Omniamedia
Dan Lee, NYXL Overwatch League
Thomas O'Keefe, Brand Partnerships & Management at Collegiate Esports Group
Joe Dorant, Boston Uprising Overwatch League
College Esports Programs: Finding a Home on Campus
How do you build an esports program at your university? How do you get students interested in your club, courses, program, and teams? This panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities around building an esports ecosystem for your own institution, including information on how clubs nationwide are partnering to enable one another. 
Olin Hayes, Emerson Esports
Jonathan Schrader, Director of Esports at Learfield/IMG
Willy Lee, Brown University Esports
Chris Allison, Tournaments
Closing Remarks
A thank you to all of those who came to share your insights, values, and ideas with us at the 2019 College Esports Expo.
Kevin Mitchell, Emerson College

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