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College Esports Expo 

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020 

Boston, MA




Esports is redefining pop culture, entertainment, student activities, and gaming across the globe. College campuses have become hotbeds for competitive gaming classes, experiences, and organized events. Our 200 colleges and universities in the US have provided varsity scholarships, and esports and gaming clubs are helping to fuel the industry’s rise to prominence. The explosive growth in collegiate esports necessitates a forum for the best minds in esports to convene and discuss challenges and opportunities in the burgeoning industry. The College Esports Expo 2020 has quietly become that breakthrough destination. 


The College Esports Expo (CEX) is the first event in North America focused exclusively on the enhancement of the collegiate esports community. CEX is the number one destination for colleges, students, technology companies, and esports industry professionals to convene and partake in insightful dialogue about the future of this emerging industry. This single-day event is scheduled to take place on February 26, 2020, the day before Pax East, the most significant gaming conference in the US.


CEX features panels discussions and workshops on critical topics that include esports curriculum program development, arenas/gaming centers, technology, career opportunities, media, sponsorships, events, programming, research, coaching, player development and creating varsity programs at existing institutions. The best minds and thought leaders in esports come together to plot a course for the development of esports programs and curriculum on campuses across the world.  


We are bringing esports industry leaders together with senior academics to explore the key issues driving the growth of this explosive medium. Schools, students, and professionals can work together to increase the long term sustainability of the esports industry. College Esports Expo will serve as a conduit for relevant discussions and networking opportunities.



Discuss key issues related to the growth of collegiate esports such as varsity esports and student organization development as well as an exploration of pathways to standardization and oversight.

Educate and inform students, university administrators and esports industry professionals about esports curriculum development and research initiatives

Explore career development and college students in esports. Students on a career track to become a player or executive can hear directly from industry insiders who share knowledge, job opportunities and discuss their own career tracks.

Understand the esports ecosystem and its intersecting stakeholders. Network with industry leaders who will share their perspectives on how esports is impacting their organizations and how they are helping grow the esports industry.

Participate in thought leadership in areas such as standardization of collegiate esports programs, esports curriculum and career development, esports research, entrepreneurship, and player advocacy and inclusion.​​



College students who are gamers or esports players that are looking to learn more about the industry. Students who are considering a career in esports, gaming, streaming, and are curious about opportunities in the industry.

College and High School faculty and administration trying to gain insight into the esports industry, curriculum development and how to create esports programs for their schools.

Esports enthusiasts and competitors looking to learn more about careers in esports, college leagues, and collegiate esports coaching.

Industry professionals- brands, media, tech, and gaming execs that want to understand the college esports market and it's fastest-growing demographic. Come get an opportunity to communicate your vision, products, and services to the collegiate esports community.

Anyone interested in gaining insight on esports, college esports market, new technologies and key topics that are driving the industry ie. esports fan bases, competitive esports landscape, gaming publishers and why brands are flocking to sponsor esports


The World of Collegiate Esports 

With global esports industry revenue quickly approaching a billion dollars and a strong cohort of millennial fans to attend live events and fill stadiums, interest in the worlds fastest growing sport of competitive gaming is growing rapidly. Esports shows no signs of slowing down. This epic growth is most evident in college campuses around the country, with video games forming the basis for one of the fastest-growing college sports around.


Many colleges are now contemplating launching varsity esports programs or esports oriented curriculums, but it is often difficult for school administrations to create programs that accommodate student’s desires and are also well suited to meet the increasing and specialized labor demands of the esports industry. The Third Annual College Esports Expo hosted by CEX will address these concerns and bridge the gap between how students engage with esports and associated technologies and how school administrations can respond to changing industry trends.

Boston Park Plaza Hotel

50 Park Plaza

Boston, MA 02116

About CEX

What started as a student organization and think tank has evolved into a multifaced conference, focused on educating others on how to traverse

the ever expanding esports ecosystem.

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