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Academic & Program Track

Inside Esports Curriculum Development

Adapting learning objectives to fit core strengths

Esports Program Development

Presentation by Northeastern University

The making of a Division I Varsity Program

Esports Program Management

Bridging the gap between students, academics, administrators and IT

Collegiate Sports Marketing Group

Building the 70 member ECAC Esports Conference and the NJCAA

Esports (National Junior College Esports Conference) from the ground up

Privatized Collegiate Esports Programs

Pro esports team Gen G, JMI Sports, and the University of Kentucky

Is this a program model for the future?

Diversifying College Esports with Sports Titles

Challenges, advantages, and best practices

Understanding High School Esports Programs

State of the Union | Who, what, where, and how of HS Esports

High School Esports Education

What is the future of high school esports curriculum?

Workshop | AnyKey

Constructing a diverse and inclusive curriculum for esports

Introduction to College Esports Curriculum

The fundamentals of a beginner's class

​Industry-leading esports academics and admins convene to discuss pedagogy, curriculum, program development, school relations, and best practices.



Esports Careers

Executives explain their jobs and how they got in the esports industry

College and the Afterlife

Recent college graduates going from the campus to corporate esports company offices

College Esports Media

Deep dive into esports broadcasting, streaming, and podcasting

on college campuses

Esports Investments

A team of industry experts discuss the multi-billion-dollar investment landscape for esports. Come hear where the money is being invested in esports and where is the future of its growth

Esports Communities

How can brands harness the power of the college esports audience

Esports Publisher Backed Leagues

Publishers are the lifeline of competitive esports. What's on the horizon? 

Esports Apparel

Innovation in fashion has now taken esports by storm. How will collegiate esports react?

College Esports and Gambling

Can college esports betting revenue fund equipment, education,

and advocacy programs?

Special Announcement

Inside a $200M Pro Esports Team and Lifestyle Co.

Executives from the world's most popular esports and lifestyle team, Faze Clan, discuss the path to greatness

Panels hosted by esports industry insiders on topics ranging from career development, esports apparel, media, investment, events, content, etc.



Gaming Networks and Infrastructure

Powering and managing esports networks

Gaming and LAN Center Operations

Experts share their experience on gaming operations, IT administration and local event management

Esports Tournament and Competitive Technology

Competitive event management, matchmaking, and analytics technology that is powering esports

Advanced Technology Showcase

Multiple technology companies reveal the latest products and services and convey what beholds the future of esports

Esports and Artificial Intelligence

Leading esports technology companies to highlight various uses

of AI in esports

Esports Player Analytics

Technologists review cutting edge analytics tools to help players identify optimization techniques to improve their competitive outcomes

Esports Broadcasting Innovation

Advanced software and services that enhance broadcast and streaming capabilities for college esports programs

Vendors Lounge

Innovative Esports Technology

Multiple technologists discuss technology and how it is shaping

the esports infrastructure

Leading technology companies will showcase, reveal, and demonstrate innovative products and services for the esports industries.

Player Performance


Esports Mental Performance and Conditioning

Techniques and insight from leading experts

Esports Medicine

Specialists share common injuries trends and methods to prevent


Collegiate Esports and Coaching

Coaches will provide training and conditioning tips to help optimize player performances. Hear strategies and techniques from the leading amateur, college and professional coaches.

Esports Program Managers

Scouting and techniques for building the best esports teams

College Esports Player Rights

In the era of the "Fair to Play Act": how it affects college esports players and how players can deal with monetization

Esports Lawyers

Legal challenges in esports

Player Panel

Pro, college, and amateur players discuss their perspectives on the business of esports and competition

Esports Wellness

Harvard trained psychologist and master of meditation deep dives

on wellness

Players and coaching is the focus. Topics range from mental and physical conditioning, scouting, training regimens, analytics and player advocacy.


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