Esports on college campuses are redefining the shape of pop culture, entertainment, student activities, and sports. The explosive growth in collegiate esports necessitates a forum for the best minds in esports to convene and discuss challenges and opportunities in the burgeoning industry.


The College Esports Expo (CEX) is the premier event for colleges and esports industry professionals to begin a dialogue. Look forward to thought leadership and panel discussions on key topics such as conducting esports research, developing esports curriculums, and instating varsity programs at existing institutions.


This is a single-day event is scheduled to take place at Emerson College in the Semel Theater on Thursday, March 28th, 2019 during the annual Pax East event in Boston.


Why Emerson College?

Emerson College is one of the first four schools in the United States to begin offering esports classes to their students. It is also the first to devise a curriculum for a pre-college program intended to educate high school students about the world of esports business and entertainment. With its rich history of teaching leaders in the fields of media production, marketing, business, and communications, Emerson College is well positioned to undertake the task of engaging and training the next generation of industry professionals. Many of its alumni are already gainfully employed at leading esports companies such as Riot Games, Activision Blizzard, EA Sports, and SuperLeague Gaming.

Emerson College Esports Organization


Emerson College Esports is an on-campus student-run organization. It is uniquely positioned to provide students with valuable, immersive learning and vocational experiences while raising awareness for Emerson’s emerging esports curriculum and associated programs. The organizations also work to facilitate further development of esports at programming Emerson College, such as the new esports class and curriculum.


The organization seeks to provide interested students with valuable and impression-making experiential learning opportunities by working at events such as DreamHack Denver, MIT, PAX East, and the ELEAGUE Major at Agganis Arena. Such experiences expose students to professional opportunities available esports and enable them to network with reputable individuals in the industry. We believe there is an excellent value in providing those memorable experiences that show how close the students are to achieving a seemingly far fetched dream of working in the esports industry.


As a sponsor of College Esports Expo, Emerson College Esports ensures that the event is successfully student lead. We find every opportunity to involve students where possible in matters of the event’s production, marketing, operations, public relations, and so on.



July 14 - 27, 2019


Emerson College is the first higher educational institution in America to offer an Esports Pre-College program that focuses on providing high school students with the knowledge and insight to participate in the exponential growth of the industry.


Gaming has always been a favorite activity among young people. Today, however, competitive gaming has evolved from the console games we once played into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Competitive Gaming – now widely known as Esports is now producing highly lucrative career options for students that range from the exceptionally talented players competing for upwards of $20 million in tournament prize money to becoming involved in all the business, production, promotion, and marketing within the Esports industry.


The Summer Pre-College Esports Institute aims to help rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors get an insider perspective of the inner workings of the fastest growing sector in entertainment, sports and media - the Esports and competitive video gaming industry. This program will not teach you how to play video games but rather introduce you to the industry that exists behind the scenes and the types of career opportunities available.

Boston Park Plaza Hotel

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About CEX

What started as a student organization and think tank has evolved into a multifaced conference, focused on educating others on how to traverse

the ever expanding esports ecosystem.

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