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College EsportsX is proud to announce the hosting of our 4th Annual College Esports Expo (CEX) on Wednesday, April 20, and Thursday 21, 2022, during Mass Esports and Gaming Week. The College Esports Expo is the first conference in North America exclusively for the growth and development of college esports. Our two-day event will occur in person at District Hall Innovation Studio in Boston and online for our virtual attendees, when 70,000 gamers and gaming companies will gather for the Annual Pax East Conference.

CEX offers all critical stakeholders in the collegiate esports ecosystem thought leadership, insights, and discussions about competitive esports programs, curriculum, player performance, career development, influencer economy, name and likeness, sponsorships, and technology solutions. Participants from the full spectrum of esports stakeholders, including game publishers, tech companies, professional esports organizations, streaming platforms, brands, and various esports insiders, gather to discuss the latest trends in collegiate esports.

In celebration of the Post Covid Age of Enlightenment, we are unlocking the Collegiate Meta and introducing new programming that will undoubtedly shift the esports community's paradigm in competitive gaming. We are proudly exploring the future of collegiate esports and innovation with panels covering the Metaverse, Web 3, Play-to-Earn, Mobile Esports, and Esports Spaces.


For the first time in history, we will be offering collegiate esports panels and presentations virtually from our global CEX community across the globe. Our team will appear from India, S. Africa, Brazil, China, Greece, Spain, and Southeast Asia. Our audiences will come from territories that include over a billion active gamers. Insiders, academics, and professionals will provide an international perspective on how collegiate esports is reshaping the competitive gaming landscape.

The College Esports Expo was founded in 2017 by esports entrepreneur Kevin Mitchell and his students at Emerson College to bring the entire collegiate esports ecosystem to one place to discuss the industry's inner workings with stakeholders who are driving it forward.


CEX Objectives


Discuss critical issues related to the growth of collegiate esports such as varsity esports and student organization development, as well as an exploration of pathways to standardization and oversight.


Educate and inform students, university administrators,

and esports industry professionals about esports curriculum, program development, and research initiatives.


Explore career opportunities and college students in esports. Students on a career track to become a player or executive can hear directly from industry insiders who share knowledge, job opportunities and discuss their career tracks.


Network with industry leaders who will share their perspectives on how esports are impacting their organizations and how they are helping grow the competitive video gaming industry.


Hear industry thought leaders share insight into the esports ecosystem, entrepreneurship, and all the key stakeholders.


Learn how players are maximizing their mental

and physical performance and addressing issues surrounding advocacy, inclusion, and legal matters related to the industry's growth.

Who should attend?

Kurt Melcher 3 CEX 2020.jpg

Esports Enthusiasts

College Students

Considering a career in esports, video games, live-streaming, and seeking information on job opportunities in the industry.

Faculty and Administration

Trying to gain insight into the esports industry, curriculum development, program development, and setting up an infrastructure for your schools.

College IT Professionals

Searching for technology-related information on building esports facilities, managing their networks, and identifying the right vendors and equipment.

Student Esports Competitors

Hoping to improve their performance, discover new competitive gaming options (college and high school leagues), and hear about business practices that players need to know to protect themselves.

Esports Coaches or Trainers

Searching for new techniques utilized in college and professional esports. Esports program directors and analysts will see how prospective schools are scouting to recruit talent for their programs.

Industry Professionals

​Can access the most highly coveted and hard-to-reach demographic on the planet. Companies that target Gen Z consumers, innovative brands, emerging media, technology companies, and gaming executives can have an opportunity to engage with the collegiate esports community and communicate their interests.

High School Esports Enthusiasts

Can hear about recent developments in high school competitive esports programs and curricula from the companies that are driving the growth of these initiatives.


Looking to connect and understand the core audience fueling the explosive sector of the video gaming industry. 

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